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The water-proofing industry over the last two decades has expanded in a huge way. This sudden expansion in the market has brought a lot of problems to the sector, which has given a very bad name to this industry. The trust of the end client is gone, and the fraternity is overloaded with people and companies who are misfits. To manage this acute problem and gain some trust in this industry, TWA was formed. The Water proofers Association [TWA] is a group formed by like-minded individuals from the trade to unite the water proofing industry and help the fraternity develop skill by imparting regular training, standardizing the products and services, recommending and supporting the members and creating environment for the overall upliftment of the water proofing fraternity as a whole, along with all conduits attached like architects, consultants, developers, manufacturers, etc.


An association that can work across India as a tool to standardize, test, supervise, recommend, support, and train the whole waterproofing fraternity and everybody attached in pursuit of excellence.


To bring the whole fraternity [ Manufacturers / Applicators] on one platform: As the saying goes ‘United we rise divided we fall’, TWA’s main mission is to bring this fragmented fraternity to one single podium. TWA is going to be instrumental in bringing the manufacturers and applicators to work in symphony. TWA will put through the manufacturer's aspect to the applicators and traders in a proper manner and will act as a tool to address the problems an applicator/ trader face. A uniform platform and a mature approach will bring the whole community together thereby removing the present points of friction. Train the service providers/ applicators about the application process pertaining to different systems available throughout the world: TWA will be developed as a universal training centre for all fraternity members. Create legal support to the fraternity to help applicators, developers, and end clients. Legal support for fraternity and all links attached to fraternity will be opened. This will give edge to all members as legal advice could be had from expert panel who will deal with our industry.

Standardizing the whole construction chemical process with streamlining the testing methods and standards, formulating right mix of specifications and making a system for follow up on application processes. Technical branch of TWA will be headed by the most experienced CZARs of our industry who will support all members in analysing and recommending the right mix of products and specification but will also help clients to get the right product for their requirements. Getting all the manufacturers on board and holding seminars and debates to educate the service providers / applicators Ä Seminars, exhibitions and conferences happen on a regular basis which is sponsored by manufacturers to promote their products. TWA will focus on having debates on different subjects by calling professionals to discuss on issues so that fraternity members can have an edge from the quality of discussion and also can gauge the depth of different companies promoting the products. Time to time presentations, meets, exhibitions and practical training will be held to develop key skills and also provide exposure to new developments in the field. Creating a technical setup to provide consultancy to clients in order to give the best at most reasonable pricing. Product comparisons and standardization to be done to give options to the client. PMC is one wing which will help the end client in correct and timely execution of waterproofing jobs. TWA affiliated members will always have an edge with clients where TWA is offering PMC services. It is a win win situation for both members and clients. Creation of a full-fledgedtest house to test products at random on site to make sure that quality is not compromised. TWA over a period of time is going to come up with its own test house so that random tests could be done on projects to check the quality of products. This will he lp streamline the local base competition and quality could be standardised. Keep a highly motivated team across India on a state wise basis to attain the exceptional growth and consistency TWA will be hiring a highly motivated team from the fraternity so that all targets and goals could be managed.

                                                                                                      THE TEAM

MK Dhawan.


 Distributors of construction chemicals. Manufacturers DSeal expansion joints systems and covers


Er. Harpreet Singh


MD of ADCD india


Harminder Singh


Manufacturers of Dampseal construction chemicals.

Team TWA organising regular events

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